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PMS Balance Natural Progesterone Cream

PMS Balance is a highly concentrated natural progesterone cream; providing 1800mg of concentrated natural progesterone USP in a moisturizing cream base – including aloe vera, essential oils and time tested herbs in our cream.   Each two ounce container lasts approximately two months.

PMS Balance formulated to counter the effects of PMS, PMT and PMDD.  Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), also called premenstrual tension (PMT) and Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) consist of emotional and physical symptoms that wreak havoc with women from early menstruating years to menopausal.

PMS Balance Natural Ingredients:

MenoBalance PMS Balance with 1800 mg of USP progesterone menopause cream

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Don’t let the Latin names fool you. PMS Balance Cream has a list of natural ingredients; each with their own  purpose: Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Glyceral Stearate, Stearic Acid – vegetable derived, Glycerin – vegetable derived, Progesterone(USP) – derived from the Mexican Wild Yam and converted to progesterone, it is an exact match to the body’s own progesterone, Cetyl Alcohol – derived from plants, Tocophero – Natural Vit E, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Beta-Carotene – derived from carrots, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) oil, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Extract, Persea Gratissima(Avocado) oil, Rosemarinus Officinals(Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Citric Acid – from Citric Fruits, Silver Citrate – used with Citric Acid as anti-bacterial, Xanthan Gum – plant derived, Sodium Hydroxide – alkaline ingredient used to modify the pH. Made by combining fats and oils. – PMS Balance Cream and MenoBalance are both products of Whole Family Products.

Dr. Lee, the revolutionary in menopausal understanding and supplementation, recommended using a progesterone as the first defense against menopausal symptoms.  See list of natural progesterone USP creams and other menopausal support products at Whole Family Products.  Explore Our Store.

Using PMS Balance Cream

1/4 tsp is about 38 mg. For best results 1/8 tsp twice a day to keep hormones more balanced over 24 hours.  Use more if needed and cut back as you find the right amount for your own body. Jars come with 1/4 tsp measuring spoons – 2 and 3 oz pumps are pre-measured to provide about 1/4 tsp per pump.

Why Transdermal Progesterone?

  • Entering the body through the skin (transdermally) skips the liver and digestion; unlike oral supplementation.
  • Bio-availability is highly increased through the application of the skin.
  • Progesterone cream is not molecularly changed. It is bio-identical to what the human body makes.

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DIsclaimer:  Though natural progesterone has been considered healthy during pregnancy, by naturopathic doctors worldwide, check with your own doctor if you have any concerns.

PMS and Low Progesterone Symptoms

  • bloating
  • headaches
  • mood swings
  • cravings for sugary foods
  • breast changes and tenderness
  • and many others
  • peri and pre-menopause symptoms below
Peri or Pre-menopausal Symptoms...
  • Breast Tenderness (during luteal phase or in early pregnancy due to low progesterone)
  • Endometriosis (helpful for pain and inflammation)
  • Fibroid Tumors (B12 can be helpful also if pernicious anemia occurs as a result of fibroids)
  • Infertility and Miscarriages (used from ovulation to menses or beyond if pregnancy occurs)
  • Lethargy or Depression
  • Low energy, stamina, or endurance
  • Low libido
  • Menstrual Cramps (used from ovulation to menses or applied to the stomach area during menstruating times when cramps are strong)
  • Migraines (most women find it helpful to dab some cream on their temples for relief of migraines)
  • Mood Swings (during PMS or from blood sugar spikes)
  • Progesterone cream taken into the body converts to other hormones thereby helping with the body’s own production of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and secondary hormones
  • Reoccurring miscarriages due to low progesterone
  • Unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight (especially around the mid drift)

Why does PMS happen?

There is no exact science as to why it occurs but several factors that play a roll. One of the factors seems to often be a tie to low progesterone in the preceding cycle.

A woman’s symptoms may not even be the same each month or the length of PMS. Onset can be as early as a week to a day before menses and some women even only days after ovulating.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a more severe form of PMS and has also been greatly helped by progesterone supplementation for many women.

PMS and Natural Progesterone Cream


All forms of PMS are uncomfortable and it is widely accepted that supplementing with natural progesterone cream, from ovulation to menses, greatly improves – if not eliminates these symptoms.  Balancing out hormones will always yield a positive return for men or women.  Unopposed natural and chemical estrogens (called xenoestrogens), can make a mess of our lives. They attack us every day in our water, household agents, processed foods etc.  By balancing estrogen (opposing xenoestrogens) and progesterone in the cycle there is harmony.

Progesterone cream is not a bandaid or a cure all.  Natural progesterone USP is a safe solution for many women dealing with low progesterone or high testosterone issues.

Natural Progesterone Cream is not the same as wild yam cream. Natural progesterone is converted naturally from wild yams into the exact bio-identical hormone as your body would, if it could, make.

Progesterone is naturally adaptogenic and what is not needed will pass out of the body.

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